Jenny Pitman

Formalities Paralegal

Three things you didn't know about Jenny:

  • Jenny is a keen all-round equestrian but is particularly interested in dressage
  • In her spare time, she enjoys photography, especially photographing wildlife and equestrian disciplines (specifically eventing, with a number of her photographs being published in popular equestrian magazines and being sold to competitors)
  • Jenny also enjoys attending air shows… very occasionally taking flying lessons and discovering the joy of Wing Walking


Jenny began working at Wynne-Jones in 2009 and is the firm’s specialist go to Paralegal for Registered Designs.

Jenny has many years of legal experience, both in the UK and her birthplace of Bermuda.  Jenny’s background is primarily in corporate law but, since joining the firm, she has become increasingly specialised in the Design side of IP. 


  • Patent Administrators Course
  • LLB Law (Hons)
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