Kirsty Barr

Client Services Manager

Three things you didn't know about Kirsty:

  • She has an obsession with rotating things: towels, cutlery and underwear to name a few! The theory being that everything gets the same wear or usage. In practice, it fails when her partner or children pick from the middle, rather than top, of the pile.
  • A very large collection of candles - three full shelves to be precise; she’s got the best lit house during a village power cut!
  • Kirsty lives in her killer heels, day and night. At only 4’ 11” she will do anything to gain a few precious inches.














Kirsty began her career working in radio and television production at the BBC in the early 90’s working on hit programmes including Absolutely Fabulous, Noel’s House Party, Wogan and Comic Relief. After working on House Party she left the BBC to go and handle Noel Edmonds’ PR at a West London PR agency. From there she went on to work at two other large central London PR companies and gained a reputation for working on large brands with particular experience in broadcast and entertainment.

Fast forward to an in-house role at Discovery Communications where Kirsty worked her way up to a senior level handling PR for 10 TV channels across EMEA for more than 7 years. In 2007 she launched her own agency and for ten years she & her team managed PR for some of the biggest brands in toys, licensing, retail and children’s entertainment.

It was in 2015 that she first began working with Wynne-Jones as their national and London focused PR consultant, a role which she continues to date. She joined the Wynne-Jones team as Client Services Manager for the trade mark team in May 2018, with a focus on maintaining excellent client relationships and deliverables.


  • 10 ‘O’ levels and 4 ‘A’ levels
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