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Ten big brands – Welsh Cosmetics and Beauty sector

Establishing a strong brand is pivotal to business success and protecting that brand is equally important. A brand’s intellectual property rights may include copyrights, trademarks, patents, and more.

Wales is a hotbed of great brands. In our regular series – ‘Ten big brands’ – next we take look at some of the best brands in the Welsh Cosmetics and Beauty sector.

Spectrum Collections 

Spectrum Collections has become a leading brand of vegan make-up brushes and accessories, combining trend led products with professional performance. Widely loved worldwide by make-up lovers, bloggers and internationally acclaimed make-up artists alike, Spectrum has quickly become a make-up bag staple. Renowned for its iconic designs and superior quality,  customers also buy into the fact it is a cruelty free brand, which is proud to be Vegan Society and PETA registered.

Cole & Co 

A family business that first started out in 2000 as a ‘lifestyle’ shop in Anglesey, in 2010  it began to create a range of soaps and candles from their kitchen table. The success of these original products has led to Cole & Co becoming a recognised luxury Welsh brand - supplying many independent shops, boutique hotels and holiday homes throughout Wales.

Dr Organic 

Based in Swansea, Dr Organic seek out the purest and most potent extracts, delving deep into century old traditions and supercharged botanicals to create breakthrough formulations for its products. The brand is renowned worldwide for using the health and beauty secrets of the past to create its cruelty-free, natural products of the future.

Conscious Skincare 

Conscious Skincare is a brand created in Cardigan that has people’s wellbeing at its core. Using the benefits of plant ingredients, the company is striving to help us live a healthier life in a ‘chemical laden world’. Conscious Skincare wants to restore balance to our bodies and the environment. It does this by making sure it doesn’t have any palm oil in its product range to protect the habitat of orangutans. It also uses organic cotton bags made by women in India from recycled sarees so they could earn a decent living rather than having to turn to prostitution.

Jecca Blac

Jecca Blac was founded to offer a safe space for transgender women to explore and learn about makeup. The brand positions itself on the the idea of genderless makeup and providing the missing piece to an inclusive makeup kit. The Correct & Conceal palette for example was designed to cover typical blemishes as well as stubborn beard shadows that transgender and non-binary people often struggle with. Jecca Blac’s products are also vegan, approved by PETA and contain almost exclusively natural ingredients. The company is working with the support of L’Oréal Paris and finding attention from retailers, makeup enthusiasts, and most importantly the LGBTQ+ community.

The Goodwash Company

Founded by two ex-professional sportswomen, The Goodwash Company products are sourced from only the very finest natural ingredients from the Welsh land and sea. Its luxury, cruelty free products boast an abundance of natural health benefits. The company is a Welsh social enterprise giving 100% of its profit to local projects that improve the lives of animals and people


Naisaance began with its founder’s childhood being spent in Africa where it was commonplace for people to use natural ingredients to make their own remedies as premade products weren’t readily available. Since 2005, the company has been on the lookout for more ethical and sustainable ways of bringing natural products to market that benefit both the consumer and the environment.

Miss Patisserie

A Welsh vegan brand that focuses on person well-being and natural, high quality ingredients. Miss Patisserie produces bath and body products that have been featured in Marie Claire, Elle and Cosmopolitan taking the beauty world by storm.

Lulu and Boo Organics 

Lulu & Boo Organics is a natural, organic skincare company founded in 2010 in Cardiff. Offering a range of luxurious, cruelty free, organic skin, body, baby and mums-to-be products, formulated to the highest standards to cleanse, nourish and rejuvenate. Certified by the Soil Association and registered by the Vegan Society, its Organic skincare range is specially formulated using vital nutrients, such as EFAs, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, sourced from the finest certified organic essential oils and plant extracts.

 Tanya Whitebits 

Founder and CEO of Tanya Whitebits, Welsh-native Shoned Owen had always been interested in the beauty industry, particularly tanning since her teens. She used sun beds throughout her twenties until the dangers of skin cancer and premature skin ageing converted her to self-tanning products. Tanya Whitebits began life as a Professional Tanning Solution back in 2013. Shoned began to explore the formulation of self-tan in 2013. Determined to remove all the barriers that were normally associated with fake tanning, she created Tanya Whitebits; a fast-drying quality, non-sticky and odour free formula.


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