IP Strategy

Strategic management of your intellectual property assets really matters! Identifying your Crown Jewels® is vital. They’re the core brands, services, products, technologies or inventions critical to successful execution of your business strategy.

  • IP Strategy & Portfolio Management
  • Asset Management & Monetisation
  • Licensing
  • Competitor Intelligence 
  • Funding for IP



IP strategy originates from your business plan. The critical step is linking IP strategy and IP planning with your business goals. We can help you to effectively define your Crown Jewels® that support those goals.

Many IP firms talk about strategy when they actually mean tactics.  We believe that strategy is the ‘why and what’; tactics are the ‘how and where’. Our attorneys and business managers really understand IP strategy at the highest level and can advise you on making your IP strategy as robust and business focussed as possible.

Making your IP strategy robust is very important if you want to get maximum protection and commercial benefit from your IP assets.

More on strategic IP management

Identifying what IP you possess and its monetary value is vital. Your IP should be directly correlated to your strategic brands and/or core science and technology as laid down in your business plan. However, performing this analysis can be daunting and time consuming. That’s why organisations facing similar day-to-day pressures as you welcome the opportunity for us to assist them. We start by examining your business plan and any associated marketing or technology/R&D plans. We then perform IP audits. Imagine if we unlocked previously-unrealised value in your IP? (Actually, it does happen!)

We’ll also advise and support you to implement IP harvesting processes within your organisation. Why’s that useful? It comes back to understanding all your important and proprietary knowledge and knowhow. And making sure it can be legally protected to the maximum extent.

From this we can collaborate on an IP filing programme. To do this we use IP landscaping tools and knowledge of your competitors’ IP to give you maximum possible control over competition in your target markets.

IP asset management and monetisation

IP is an intangible asset: you can’t touch it or hold it. Other intangible assets include these:

  • Goodwill
  • Brands and brand equity
  • Business knowhow

Because all intangible assets have monetary value, we can quantify what your IP is worth. Once we know this, it may be considered an asset for financing purposes. We collaborate with Inngot, who provide user-friendly IP asset identification, valuation and asset management consultancy. Please ask for more information.

Competitor analysis

To assess your market standing and create a dominant market position, you must understand any competitor IP that may hinder you.

We regularly do competitor IP analysis for clients’ core IP assets. Then we recommend a protection strategy to optimise their business advantage. Trust us; doing this really is as important as any trade mark search or patent search.

We can also help you synchronise IP filings with product development and launch cycles to ensure maximum protection and market impact.

Funding for IP

If you are a start-up business, developing innovation can be daunting and funding is often required. We can advise on funding sources that may be useful. You’ll find more information about organisations that may be helpful on our Funding Advice Hub Page.

Setting your IP budget

We also offer IP budget planning advice to help you plan, set and manage realistic intellectual property budgets.

IP budgeting can be difficult due to uncertainty about the required investment. We draw on our long experience to advise on setting up an optimum budget planning process. We can also give you accurate cost estimates for your IP’s lifecycle.

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IP Strategy
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