Computing, software & apps

Computing, Software & apps

Patent software in most territories

The challenge of software patents is exacerbated by the different situation in various countries. The reality these days is that in virtually all territories certain types of software patent applications can be successful. It could be a downloadable app, an interactive website or another software format, but grant of patents is certainly possible. And then there's copyright protection...

Strategies for protecting your market position

As well as all other aspects of IP, we offer expert guidance on maximising the likelihood of patenting your software developments in the UK, Europe and worldwide. We also advise on strategies for protecting your market position in view of other relevant IP rights, such as copyright and database rights.

Extensive software and IT experience

Examples of our technical experience include the following:

  • Data indexing and search engines
  • Financial transactions and analysis
  • Image processing and 3D graphics
  • Social media
  • Website copyright
  • Data compression and encryption
  • Internet usage monitoring
  • Speech recognition
  • User interfaces
  • Mission and route planning
  • Gaming and sports training
  • System simulation and diagnosis
  • Expert systems and neural networks


Benefit from our IP experience in this field

Whether you need to copyright images, put robust software copyright protection in place or patent software, we can help. What challenges does intellectual property present you with in the fast-changing computing, software and app industry? Imagine benefiting from our expertise.


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