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A planned, thorough approach to making the most of your IP has never been more important. The benefits include clear understanding of how well your IP is working for you and clarification of the technology landscape. You get valuable competitor intelligence, as well as early notification about potential IP infringements. Most importantly, you also get reliable, relevant information on which to base informed, more profitable, commercial IP decisions. 


  • Searching, including Freedom to Operate (FTO)
  • Monitoring
  • Reporting
  • Mapping & Landscaping

Our patent analytics service helps you extract and exploit the value of your patent portfolios and patent information as fully as possible. We help you unlock detailed insights to help you plan and create profitable IP and Research & Development strategies. Without them, the existence of your organisation could be in jeopardy.

Patent analytics is much more than just a valuable IP tool. Knowledge is power; this is a potentially business critical strategic service.


So what exactly does our patent analytics service cover? Our services including the following:

Searching – Technology searches, patentability searches and Freedom to Operate (FTO) searches and analysis.

Monitoring – Portfolio Management, citation analysis, competitor alerts and technology alerts.

Reporting – Research reports, boardroom infographics and collaborative workspaces.

Landscapes – Mapping and visualising your patent information to make it easier to understand.

If you don’t see exactly what you need, please contact us.        



Our clients who benefit from patent analytics include Rotork (valve actuators and gearboxes) and TBS Engineering (machinery for the battery industry).

Both companies understand that our patent analytics service is a cost-effective way to get strategy-influencing IP information. They also value how our experienced in-house team uses state-of-the-art patent analytics tools (such as PatSnap) to give valuable customised insights and visualisations. These are based on the reliable, curated data needed for effective commercial decisions.


So how do companies facing similar IP challenges to you already use our patent analytics service? The following anonymised examples should give you some ideas:

Company A used citation analysis on their patent portfolio. We identified other patents and applications which cited the company’s patents as prior art references. The resulting landscape revealed potential competitors and adjacent technologies. In particular, the number of citations was a measure of the relevance of the company’s patents to later patent applications, as considered by the patent office examiners – invaluable information for our client….

Company B used landscape mapping to establish the state of a technology area before beginning research and development. It helped them identify potential solutions to a given technical problem as well as identifying later patents that adopted a concept already patented by the client – all priceless intelligence….

Company C used search reports to seed a forward citation analysis to identify copycats and potential IP infringers. The searches identified potential infringers from technical information held in competitors’ patent portfolios. Armed with this, our client quickly got a comprehensive, easily understood, insight into potential infringers...



Very few other IP firms offer our unique combination of search and analytics services. Our powerful in-house mix of examining, attorney and commercial expertise and know-how is the key to this capability. So’s our unique analytics capability. It’s delivered by a team with extensive examining and search experience. Now add years of accumulated client knowledge – thanks to PATRICIA, our in-house case management system and you have the insight resulting from IP services we already offer. Added up, we get a demonstrable edge in patent analytics – and you get an edge in your chosen markets.

The result is a unique suite of tailored analytics, intelligence & strategy services. Imagine how this powerful resource could be applied to your business strategy to benefit your company in the future.

Patent Analytics
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