Getting your IP in place is important, but it’s just the start. Managing intellectual property is a vital ongoing task once patent protection, trade mark protection or design registration is in place. And our in-house renewals team can help.


  • Patent Renewals 
  • Trade Mark Renewals
  • Registered Design Renewals

With your IP legally protected, you’ll need to pay periodic renewal (annuity) fees. The frequency depends on the IP and the geographic region where it’s active.

To maintain IP such as patent protection, you must pay renewals on time. Reinstating lapsed IP rights is difficult at best, if not impossible. Because of this, it’s vital to monitor deadlines and never miss renewal dates. However, doing your own IP renewal (IP annuity) work is time-consuming. And it requires resource that would be better used elsewhere. That’s where our convenient IP management service comes into its own. 

More on IP management

For over 50 years, we’ve given clients priceless peace of mind with reliable, efficient IP management including the following:

  • Patent renewal
  • Trade mark renewal
  • Registered design renewals

Whatever your portfolio size and geographical coverage, imagine your peace of mind as we monitor your deadlines and make required annuity payments on time.

Benefits of using our IP management service

Deciding how to manage your IP is almost as important as your patent protection or trade mark protection.

You could renew your own IP rights. Or, like some clients, you could use a third-party specialist renewal firm to manage your IP renewals, while retaining us to file and prosecute your IP.

That said, if we manage all your renewals and IP you enjoy several benefits:

  • Significantly reduced risk of missed deadlines and lapsed patent, design registration or trademark protection.
  • Reduced requirement to use your own resource for IP management.
  • Easier strategic management of IP with all information easily accessible in one place.

Forget about missing any IP fees

Imagine if you could get on with doing business without worrying about IP renewal, missing payment of a renewal fee, or having to budget time and resource for do-it-yourself IP administration.

Now make this a reality.


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