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We both know the Toy and Game industry is seasonal, intensely competitive and licensing led. And that maximising opportunities, while not infringing others’ IP rights, needs professional support.

Our IP attorneys bring extensive experience controlling and protecting brands like yours – and associated marketing campaigns. We ‘get’ the licensing and merchandising at the heart of the Toy and Game industry. And bring the added value of solid strategic partnerships with industry players such as Mojo Nation.

Trade mark work is our bread and butter. Meanwhile, proliferation of auction websites, social media and other aspects of the online environment makes policing increasingly challenging. Licensing’s the same: in 2018 the UK’s Office of National Statistics reported that 25 per cent of toys and games were licensed. When your industry is so challenging, having a ‘rounded and grounded’ IP partner like us is key to successfully negotiating its IP ‘snakes and ladders’.











Wide-Ranging Expertise in Toys and Games IP 

Integrating IP work into your brand management only exacerbates matters. Design too is inextricably linked with Toys and Games. From first ideas to lucrative exit strategies, every successful Toy and Game brand deserves a special IP partner. Our IP attorneys really understand your toy or game product. It’s the key to helping you successfully commercialise your valuable IP.

From licensing to trade secrets and avoiding classic beginners’ mistakes, our IP attorneys bring decades’ of industry experience. Examples of our IP expertise include the following:

  • Toy and childcare agency and distribution
  • Electronic and online games
  • Toy and Game industry creative agencies

Clients such as JPM and Astra Games value the benefits of our partnership. What IP challenges do you face? Imagine what our professional input will do for your IP – and future success.



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