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Specialist Automotive IP Experience

If one industry is seeing IP evolving faster than ever, it’s the automotive industry. Revolutionary innovation in autonomous vehicles, electric and hybrid power plants drives industry transformation. And then there’s the new IP focused on control of vehicle position and course, battery technology, control systems and image analysis.

Experts agree that IP rights’ importance will keep increasing. Patents will lead, with an estimated 50 per cent of these in new technology. Not only is IPRs’ volume increasing, but the complexity and related IP challenges. Proliferation of new automotive technology means it’s not always clear how best to exploit IP. What’s more, much of the revolution’s new technology is owned by industry newcomers. These are often IT and telecoms firms, not traditional car companies.

Collaborations, interoperability, Standard Essential Patents (SEPs), and Fair, Reasonable & Non-Discriminatory terms (FRANDS) are reshaping automotive IP. A world traditionally determined by ‘gentleman’s agreements’ will increasingly be a battleground of automotive IP litigation. The new industry’s final form remains unclear. The only certainty? It will be unrecognisable from today’s automotive industry. And from patents and design protection, to trade marks and technology licensing, IP’s importance will reach unprecedented levels.


Your Automotive IP is Business Critical 


If you operate in the automotive industry, you’ll be affected; and your ability to exploit your IP will be critical to your success. Automotive clients such as Morgan Motor Company, Riversimple and Rickmans already value our input as experienced, forward-looking IP partners. Our IP attorneys’ extensive automotive experience means we can help you too.

We understand today’s (and tomorrow’s) automotive technology and the role of automotive IPRs – and we can prove it. Clients benefit from our proven experience in mechanical, electrical and electronic engineering IP in diverse markets and jurisdictions. And our fluency in design, trade mark and patent law.


Wide-Ranging Automotive Brand and Marketing Experience 

Our automotive IP expertise includes the following:

  • Hydrogen vehicle technology
  • High-tech vehicle materials
  • Automotive power conversion technology
  • Luxury car manufacture
  • Specialist motorcycle accessories

Our Clients already enjoy the reassurance and commercial edge our partnership brings. What automotive IP challenges do you face? Imagine how we’ll help.

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