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Wynne-Jones a UK and European IP firm

Wynne-Jones IP is a UK and European IP firm specialising in trade marks, patents, designs, IP strategy, IP licensing and enforcement, IP audits and IP renewals. We certainly know our stuff in IP rights and we’ve been helping businesses like you to protect business assets for nearly 60 years. On average, that’s over 23,000 patent and design applications and over 25,000 trade mark registrations we’ve worked on since 1964!

Our portfolio spans an impressive mix of private individuals, multinationals, large technology-based companies, SMEs and Universities- locally, nationally and internationally.

IP plays a vital role in the modern business environment. Whether it be protecting and realising the value of inventions, proprietary technology, brands or original designs, getting the right advice is key. We provide a quality service and our goal and focus is always on your business needs and objectives, giving you peace of mind that every penny you spend with us is worth it. 

If you want expert IP services and consultancy you’ve come to the right place. Get in touch and see how we can help you and your business.

Did you know? 

  • Client care is fundamental to our culture (our commitment to our clients experience is such, that we have a dedicated team of non-technicals overseeing clients accounts to ensure our clients are receiving a top notch service. And when things do and sometimes can go wrong are resolved effortlessly)
  • Wynne-Jones IP act as European regional counsel for large corporate and multinational clients, operating via the AIPEX IP Law firm which Wynne-Jones IP are founding members of and part-own (AIPEX has offices in all the major EU countries, totaling 200+ IP attorneys providing a seamless pan-European IP service whilst also being able to provide expert local knowledge within each country. It’s a win-win solution)
  • We’re advocates for education and training in IP (so much so we have the Wynne-Jones IP training academy which involves structured training programmes for trainee attorneys, paralegals in IP law and business management as well as programmes designed to support businesses in their IP knowledge and understanding)


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