Advertising & Branding

Advertising & Branding

The way your customers and potential customers perceive your business is key. It's not enough to merely create this image. You must be vigilant and continously monitor, control and police your brand to secure its integrity.

Extensive brand and marketing experience

We can help. That's because our trade mark attorneys have extensive experience advising on the continued control and protection of your brands and associated marketing campaigns.

Trade mark searching, watching and oppositions are the backbone of protection. But with the proliferation of auction websites, social media and an increasingly complex online enviroment, policing keeps becoming more complex.

Further complexity is introduced by the need to integrate these IP activities into the management of your brands.

It takes a special kind of trade mark attorney to do so. Fortunately, they're on our team and their skills are at your disposal.

Tailored coping strategies

Actually, faced with these challenges, clients value our prowess at providing simple, tailored coping strategies for adopting, protecting and policing their brands and marketing campaigns. What challenges does your brand face in today's demanding markets? Imagine if we could help.

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