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Food and beverage companies are increasingly learning the value of IP for their operations. The competition in the industry is constantly rising with new market players filing intellectual property for their food and beverage offerings. 

When you must maximise the value in your Food & Drink IP, it’s reassuring to know that we came to the table years ago. Since then, we’ve built massive experience with the IP needs of food and drink brands just like yours.

Brands such as Neptune Rum, Angus Soft Fruits and Isle of Man Mild Marketing already value our support in a competitive market. IP in the food and drink sector keeps getting more and more important. 

Our experience embraces trade marks, trade secrets, protection of recipes behind brands and packaging design and retail presence. Whatever we do, our joined-up approach to IP simplifies the food and drink industry’s complexity and provides the clear advice you need.

Our demonstrable expertise embraces all aspects of food and drink IPRs. From brand clearance and the emerging IP challenges of ‘creative food’, to branded commodities and IP’s role in business investability, we help you. Our clients benefit from much more than just a deep practical understanding of food and drink IP. Because we understand the market, we can advise on cost-saving prioritisation of IP effort – at local, national and international level. We clarify what it means to be a food and drink business, and help you set the motions for a successful, secure and investment worthy business.



Examples of our Food & Drink IP expertise include the following:

  • Speciality meat products
  • Fairtrade and organic coffee
  • Wines and spirits
  • Cheese manufacture and distribution
  • Fruit production
  • Speciality farm shops
  • Oriental foods, sauces and packaging
  • Milk marketing
  • Baked goods manufacture and distribution
  • Bodybuilding supplements and sports nutrition



Imagine benefitting from the intellectual property skills and expertise that have helped the growth of food brands such as The Jolly Hog and The Cornish Bakery.

Whether you’re refining recipes around your kitchen table, or planning your exit strategy, which IP challenges does your food or drink business face? 

Sounds like an opportunity to source some expert IP advice in the food and beverage sector.

Imagine if we could help.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is IP in the food & drink industry?

Food and drink IP is the protection of unique intellectual property such as patents or trademarking of recipes, packaging and processes. This legally protects food and drink IP from being copied, giving you sole rights to your invention.


How can I protect IP for my food and drink business?

We would highly recommend learning more about copyrighting and patents to protect your food and drink IP from repetition or infringement. Get in touch with Wynne-Jones to learn more about this process.


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