We believe that your scientific and technological ideas are your Crown Jewels®, that is, your proprietary technologies and inventions that are critical to the success of your business plan.  If you are wondering how to patent an idea, rest assured that we can help you from initial consultation and patent pending stage, to grant of patent and ongoing protection.


  • Drafting & Prosecution
  • IP Strategy & Portfolio Management
  • Patent Search
  • Oppositions & Appeals
  • Renewals
  • Due Diligence 

A patent is a set of exclusive rights given to an inventor or assignee for a product or invention that’s newinvolves an inventive step, is capable of industrial application and is not an ‘excluded’ inventionPatents are potentially valuable assets. Achieving a successful patent application is specialised and full of potential pitfalls. This makes it necessary to use the services of an experienced patent attorney who knows all about how to get a patent.

Our patent attorneys are qualified in both UK and Europe and we have wide ranging expertise in all the major technical and scientific disciplines so you can be sure that we really understand your invention thoroughly, whatever it entails. If you have an idea with potential for commercialisation, you should consult an attorney as early as possible to avoid losing your rights.. Meanwhile, don’t discuss your ideas with anyone because public disclosure could jeopardise the possibility of the patent being granted

Drafting and prosecution of patents

Because we fully understand the commercial nature of your business and business planning fundamentals, we draft and prosecute patents that stand up robustly to examiners’ scrutiny.

Patent search

You need to know whether your idea meets the four criteria for a successful patent application. To achieve this we offer a full range of patent search services.

Strategic patent advice

Whether you’re a lone inventor, SME or large corporation, you must identify your Crown Jewels®. These are the core technologies, inventions or processes that are critical to your business strategy. We can help with this, as well as defining the technology base supporting your business plan. Then we can advise on the optimum patent protection for your budget and business goals.

Oppositions and appeals

We have extensive experience of patent oppositions and appeals at the European Patent Office (EPO) and patent invalidation actions at the UK Intellectual Property Office (UKIPO).

Strategic portfolio management

We have a lot of experience of managing large patent portfolios and of advising companies on patent strategy in line with their business plan.

Due diligence

Due diligence is vital for any business deal. Our services include working with other legal or financial advisors and carrying out a patent check, full IP audit, or other checks on your IP assets.

In-house client training

Would a basic knowledge of patents (including how to patent a product) and other IP help your employees? If so, we can design and deliver bespoke in-house 1:1 training and workshops on topics including these:

  • The basics of patents
  • How to apply for a patent
  • Patentability
  • Worldwide, European and UK patent search
  • Invention harvesting

Patent renewals

In order to keep a patent live renewals fees need to be paid periodically and it is important not to miss renewal deadlines. Our patent renewal service gives you advantages including the following:

  • Reduced risk of missing a renewal of a vital patent.
  • More efficient time management: Managing a renewals portfolio can be time consuming. If you use us, your valuable time and resource is freed up for other activities.
  • Easier and safer strategic management of IP because all the information you need is located conveniently in one place, not split between IP providers.
  • We can manage your renewals even if your filing and prosecution has been carried out by another IP firm.


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