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How to implement a robust IP protection strategy



How an innovative company successfully implemented a robust IP protection strategy

 Alesi Surgical, previously known as Asalus Medical Instruments Limited, was established in Cardiff in 2009 to commercialise the inventions arising from the Welsh Institute for Minimal Access Therapy (WIMAT). WIMAT is the leading UK centre for training of laparoscopic and other surgical disciplines. Alesi have developed UltravisionTM, a new and innovative product that clears surgical smoke from a surgeons view during laparoscopic surgery. Critical to the exploitation of this technology was the development of an IP strategy for UltravisionTM which encompassed patents and trade marks. Regarding patent protection, our patent attorney Dr Elliott Davies worked with Alesi’s technical team to identify the core technology and techniques required to exploit the invention. As an external with an IP focus, Elliott was able to provide a broader perspective and a well-rounded view of the technology, which led to a very robust IP protection strategy. He was also successful in advising Alesi on a comprehensive territorial strategy for patent protection.


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