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Extensive Agritech Experience

If you want to maximise the value of Agritech IP, it’s reassuring to know that we were early adopters realising IP in Agritech businesses like yours.

Agritech and the bio-economy is one of the last big unexploited industrial prizes. Locally, regionally and globally, the role of engineering and associated IP in agriculture has never been more important. Agritech increasingly draws on fields as diverse as space exploration, IT and industrial controls. The mechanisation that will help feed tomorrow’s world demands smart machines that maximise output while minimising energy use and other environmental impacts.


Wide-ranging Technical Expertise

The IP challenges you face could embrace anything from patenting multi-disciplinary technology development or plant variety rights to trade marks, design rights and IP licensing strategies. Mastering IP is vital for profitable commercialisation of agriculture. It can help you attract investors or create revenue that recoups development costs and supports growth-fuelling R&D. And it could help you achieve profitable transfer of Agritech to new markets.

Examples of our Agritech IP expertise include the following:

  • Insect farming
  • Agricultural education
  • Biopesticides
  • Plant development and Plant breeding
  • Plant Variety Rights
  • Sensors
  • Robotics
  • The Internet of Things



Our pioneering role in Agritech is reflected in our close involvement with the UK’s Farm491 Agritech Incubator – created with the Royal Agricultural University.

Since Farm491’s launch, we’ve successfully addressed mechanical, electronic, software and internet IP challenges faced by Agritech firms such as Multibox Ltd.

What intellectual property challenges does your Agritech firm face? Imagine benefiting from the expertise that helps Multibox.

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