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Wynne-Jones IP Partners with CyNam to Foster Cyber Technology Innovation in Gloucestershire

Wynne-Jones IP, a leading intellectual property company with offices in Cheltenham and Gloucester, is delighted to announce a strategic partnership with CyNam to support and sponsor their mission to nurture cyber technology innovation in Gloucestershire.

CyNam, headquartered in Cheltenham, the heart of the UK's cyber technology ecosystem, has rapidly evolved from a modest meetup networking group in 2015 into a thriving community of more than 5000 members. Their mission is to facilitate the growth of Cheltenham and Gloucestershire's cyber technology industry by providing a dynamic platform that connects cybersecurity and tech experts, local SMEs, and innovative startups with vital resources such as knowledge, guidance, funding, and business opportunities.

Wynne-Jones IP, renowned for its expertise in software, optoelectronics, semiconductors, and other cyber-tech, recognises the pivotal role IP plays in business. Through this strategic partnership, Wynne-Jones IP will contribute its knowledge and experience to support the development of the Gloucestershire cyber technology ecosystem. This partnership reflects Wynne-Jones IP's commitment to helping local businesses protect their intellectual property assets while fostering a culture of innovation in the region.

Commercial Relationship Manager for Wynne-Jones IP, David McLellan, commented on the partnership: "We are thrilled to join forces with CyNam in their mission to create an environment conducive to local cyber technology innovation. Intellectual property is a cornerstone of innovation, and we are committed to providing expert support to help businesses and startups protect and leverage their IP assets.”

Commercial Director, Dr Jayne Nation continued: “This partnership aligns perfectly with our vision of contributing to the growth of Gloucestershire's technology landscape and as part of our larger mission to become the UK’s best tech and Cyber security IP provider."

Richard Yorke, Managing Director of CyNam, also expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration: "CyNam's goal is to inspire the creation and scaling of investable high growth startups and drive prosperity in Gloucestershire. We see this partnership with Wynne-Jones IP as a significant step toward achieving this objective. By offering intellectual property support and advice, we can empower our members to secure their innovations and navigate the complex IP landscape."

The announcement comes as, this week, the cyber community come together to for the AI – Beyond the Hype, Getting Hands on with Generative AI event organised by CyNam. The hands-on workshops will go beyond OpenAI, giving the CyNam community the opportunity to experiment with the opportunities and limitations of generative AI, helping individuals, businesses, and organisations to better understand the emerging technology beyond existing narratives.


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