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Support for Cheltenham Open Door During 2023

Throughout 2023 we supported local charity, Cheltenham Open Door. Over the course of the year our active Charity & Social Team organised fundraising events and donation rallies to enable the small, independent charity to provide much needed support in the community.

During November, we ran a Reverse Advent Calendar during which colleagues donated food items, warm clothing and sleeping bags. Just ahead of Christmas, Lucy Gabb and Sue O'Dell delivered the impressive haul.

Posting on social media, Cheltenham Open Door said, "Lucy and Sue from Wyne-Jones IP [...] arrived at our Donations Centre at 39 Grosvenor Street before Christmas with a car packed full of donated items from their colleagues! A massive thank you for this incredible donation!"

We're also delighted to announce that we have raised a donation of £390.00 to help support them further.

Thank you to the Wynne-Jones IP Charity & Social Team: Lucy Gabb, Sue O'Dell, Rachel von Hossle, David McLellan, Jackie Mullinger, Rohan Rajmangal and Koko Lo. 

And, thank you to all our WJIP colleagues for your support over the year.


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