More on trademark registrations

As mentioned above, we file good trade mark applications that give enforceable registrations and valuable business assets. 

Actually, we’re experts at filing trade mark applications with the UK Intellectual Property Office (IPO), European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) and World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

Look forward to harnessing our worldwide network of experts.  And a fixed-fee service that de-stresses managing prosecution. (That’s where our examiners decide whether a trade mark can be approved for registration.) What happens if any issues come up? Our fixed-fee service means we sort them without you having to worry about the cost.

Searching and watching

With trademarks, knowledge gives you power. To avoid wasted time and money, it’s essential to know whether you can use and register your proposed trade mark before making a trademark application. You’ll also need to monitor others’ marks.  

Our trademark and patent search service makes it easy to adopt and invest in your trade mark or patent. Meanwhile, trade mark watches help you protect your monopoly. Our trade mark clearing and blocking services also help prevent registration of conflicting domain names. As you can see, we’re much more than just registered trademark search specialists.

Strategic trade mark advice

Managed correctly and proactively, your company name, brand names, logos, trading styles, packaging get-ups, product marks and/or service marks are powerful business tools. They’re also strong shields to protect your goodwill; and valuable business assets with significant value.  

We’ll help you maximise the strength, relevance, usefulness and worth of every trademark you own. And develop a trade mark strategy to successfully manage your trademarks.

Due Diligence

Forewarned is forearmed. Whether you're a vendor or purchaser, we’re sure you'll appreciate our reassuring due-diligence drills. Is that all we do? Well no, actually. We also work closely and cost-effectively with the legal advisors handling the deal.  If you're a vendor faced with questions, we provide fast, accurate responses. The same applies when purchasing. Again, our commercial analyses and issue-identification assessments are invaluable. 

By the way, we never take things at face value. We also double-check everything so you complete the deal smoothly and successfully.


Let’s talk about commercially oriented IP audits. These are where we scrutinise your IP assets, assess strengths and weaknesses, and give sensible, proactive options.

We don’t stop there. We’ll work with you to implement a progressive strategy that gets your portfolio where you want it in a reasonable time.  We can also arrange audits at any time; they’re invaluable when you need a company valuation or want to develop a formal IP strategy.


As you’d expect, we advise on, and draft, agreements relating to trade marks, trademark register, trademark protection and related matters. These include the following:

  • Assignments

  • Licences

  • Undertakings

  • Co-existence agreements

In-house training for your team

There’s real value if your team understands the importance of trade marks, their role in your business (such as why you file a trade mark application), and how to handle them.  To do this, we deliver bespoke, user-friendly, interesting (and fun) training. We can do this in your workplace. That way your team will know what to do (or not) when day-to-day issues arise.  

Customs registration

Filing a trademark is one thing, but having UK customs authorities help protect it is another. Imagine how reassuring it would be if UK customs authorities had details of your registered trade marks and other relevant rights? Our customs registration service comes enables HMCR to intercept counterfeit goods bound for the EU.

Managing your International portfolio management

Do you do business outside the UK? Maybe you’d benefit from our long experience managing international trade mark portfolios. Whether it’s for trademark watching in Asia, trademark filing in Latin America or a patent and trademark search in the USA, count on our global network of trusted associates. 

By the way, because we make frequent international trips, we make sure of access to the best, most proactive associate attorneys in each jurisdiction. And do you know what? We continually assess our network to keep it that way.

Large portfolio management

Not all large portfolios are international. Regardless of geographical coverage, you can trust us with your large-portfolio management wherever you register a trademark.  Rest assured that our trade mark attorneys know exactly how to keep you in control without taking up more of your time than necessary.


We’ve a flair for litigation avoidance whenever we can. But sometimes a more robust stance is needed. If this happens, we’ll guide you all the way and give you the benefit of years of experience in litigation avoidance, litigation and litigation support.

You’ll be in capable hands. Our trade mark partners, Victor Caddy and Gareth Jenkins, are qualified trade mark and design litigators.  Under their leadership, you’ll enjoy a full litigation service, delivered by our trade mark team and/or trusted referral partners. 

Is our litigation approach standard? Actually not. That’s because we always assign appropriate litigation teams, based on your specific case, to help ensure a successful outcome.

Trade mark renewals

Knowing that valuable trade marks renewed on time is vital for your peace of mind as you build your business. As well as offering competitive trade mark renewals services to clients, we support other businesses whose filing and prosecution of trade marks is done elsewhere.

There’s lots to be said for entrusting us with all your renewals, trade mark filing and prosecution. That’s because having your portfolio data, and doing everything, in one place significantly lowers missed-deadline risks. It also requires less resource and management time, and makes it easier to strategically manage your trade marks.


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