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Worried about how Brexit will affect your IP? Don’t be.

With Wynne-Jones IP and AIPEX BV, it’s business as usual and you’re in safe hands.

As it stands, we are now less than two months away from the deadline for the UK to leave the EU and there is still no clarity whether the UK will reach a deal on trading arrangements with the EU. A deal may be struck, although the clock is ticking. If there is no deal on the table, UK’s exit from the EU may be delayed (temporarily or permanently) or the UK may crash out of the EU without a deal.

The first thing to say is that there is nothing to worry about with patents.  European patents are governed by the European Patent Convention which is nothing to do with the EU.  Therefore, they are not affected at all by Brexit.

Trade marks and designs are another matter, however.   EU trade marks and EU designs are both governed by EU law, and so will be affected by Brexit.  Hence, the uncertainty about what will happen leaves IP holders in a quandary.

As things stand, UK attorneys and lawyers will not in general be entitled to handle EU trade mark and design matters after 29th March 2019.

However, we have good news for Wynne-Jones IP clients!  We will still handle EU trade mark and design matters after 29th March 2019.  We will do this by virtue of our part ownership of AIPEX

And for anyone who isn’t (yet) a Wynne-Jones IP client, and wants someone who can represent them in both the EU and the UK after Brexit (as well as in Norway and Switzerland), look no further.

We have a robust Brexit strategy in place.

Stay with us here on our Brexit page and we’ll keep you up to date with the Brexit effects on all things IP, or sign up for our widely acclaimed Brexit Bulletin, “2306” by sending an email to

Also, if you need advice, get in touch with Victor Caddy, Trade Mark Director at Wynne-Jones IP, for a chat or a consultation  meeting. Wynne-Jones and AIPEX can help your business, large or small, UK or international, be ready for Brexit 2019.


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