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Wynne-Jones IP Ready for the EU Referendum Outcome

Possible Outcomes

A “Bremain” outcome will simply mean business as usual across the UK and Europe.

A “Brexit” vote for the UK to withdraw from the EU will inevitably result in a degree of uncertainty for all businesses.  No one can predict what exactly will happen as the British Government and the EU would need to hold negotiations to agree the terms of Britain’s withdrawal (no country has previously withdrawn from the EU).  The negotiations would be expected to take at least two years.  During the negotiations EU law will continue to be in force in the UK.

We would like to reassure all of our clients that we do not believe they have any reason to be concerned about the immediate impact of a “Brexit” on their Intellectual Property rights.

All IP Rights will remain in force in the immediate future and provisions for any transition of IP rights will of course be part of the government negotiations.  It is also important to note that the European Patent Convention will be unaffected by the Referendum result as it is independent of the European Union (and already includes several non-EU member states).





Our AIPEX Alliance
aipex alliance

Wynne-Jones IP is committed to supporting our clients through any changes in the European IP landscape.  Our clients are able to benefit from our position as a founding member of the unique European alliance of independent IP law firms – AIPEX.

AIPEX, was founded in 2010, and is registered in Munich, Germany.  AIPEX has partner members in key industrial territories of Europe: Wynne-Jones in the UK,  AOMB in The Netherlands, Germain & Maureau  in France and  Prinz & Partner  in Germany.  AIPEX also has Associate partners in Spain (Herrero & Asociados), Hungary (SBGK) and Poland (AOMB Polska).

AIPEX allows us to work together as a team of over 200 professionals to combine national and local knowledge as well as professional capacity and experience in all the necessary technical and legal specialties.

As such, in the event of a “Brexit” Wynne-Jones will be able to provide an agile and adaptable response to any resulting changes related to IP in Europe.  We will be able to provide our clients with tailored and flexible services across Europe to meet whatever needs may arise.



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