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AIPEX Uniquely Positioned For Brexit

AIPEX is an alliance of boutique intellectual property firms in Europe. It was founded in 2010, and is registered in Munich, Germany. AIPEX has partner members in key industrial territories of Europe: AOMB in The Netherlands, Germain & Maureau in France, Prinz & Partner in Germany, Wynne-Jones IP in the UK, Herrero & Asociados in Spain, SBGK in Hungary and AOMB Polska in Poland.

AIPEX attorneys work together as a team of over 200 professionals to combine national, regional and local knowledge as well as professional capacity and experience in all the necessary technical and legal specialities. Through AIPEX, the member firms are all able to provide an agile, co-ordinated and comprehensive response to any changes in the IP landscape in Europe, whether Brexit or beyond. Importantly, we can still file and prosecute “Pan-European” IP applications for European Patents, European Union Trade Marks and Registered Community Designs, as well as equivalent UK applications, and we can subsequently enforce the resulting rights in the relevant territories.
Owing to the timescales involved, there is no reason to be concerned about the immediate impact of the Brexit decision on intellectual property rights. However, it is sensible to think ahead:



Trade Marks


Community Plant Variety Rights


For now, nothing has changed and it is business a usual.
Inevitably, there will be changes in a few years time, but AIPEX is committed to supporting our clients and our associates around the world with all their needs in the European Union and the UK, no matter what the changes in the European IP landscape.

Our position as Europe’s leading alliance of independent IP law firms – AIPEX – makes us uniquely placed among EU and UK patent and trade mark attorneys to do this.


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