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Wynne-Jones IP marks World IP Day by revealing top innovations of 2017

Innovation – is it just an overused word? Or does it lead to radical economic progression and advancement?

Either way most of us take innovation for granted – the latest Android mobile phone, games console, or medical advancement, is something which many feel is inevitable.

However, many innovations wouldn’t exist without intellectual property (IP).  These include trade marks, patents, designs and copyright, which serve to protect and encourage the progression of innovation.

So, to mark World IP Day, which highlights the vital role intellectual property plays in innovation, we've identified the top six innovations waiting to revolutionise your home, health, and happiness.

Jayne Nation, Business Development Director  at Wynne-Jones said: “Events like World IP Day are extremely vital in highlighting the wide-ranging benefits of intellectual property, and how it can change our lives for the better.”


Kerastase Hair Coach

What is it?  This smart brush can actually monitor the health of your hair as you use it. The Kerastase Hair Coach, which is a division of Nokia, has been developed with a built-in microphone which listens to the sound of your hair.

How it benefits you – The app feeds back data based on this insight and provides tips to ensure you are taking care of your hair and its health in the most effective manner.


JWE Morris Engineering – Rail Electrification


What is it? JWE Morris has been at the leading edge of the design and manufacture of electrical equipment for railway systems for over a quarter of a century.


Its current project sees it involved with railway electrification manufacturing a high voltage switch assembly for the electrification of rail networks in South Wales.


How it benefits you - The switch assemblies include additional earthing points enhance workforce safety, and also reduce maintenance, and prevent inadvertent operation, which makes the system more fast and efficient for passengers.


Photo credit – MLE Morris Line Engineering


Hatch Baby

What is it? -  This innovative parenting device company allows smart technology to be  inserted into everyday products, such as changing mats, to help parents wirelessly monitor their baby’s health.

How it benefits you – Using wireless, digital and cloud technology parents can remotely track their baby’s sleep patterns, feedings, growth, and health from their smartphone – giving peace of mind to mums and dads enjoying a night out without the children.


The Divemex Claw Anchor

What is it? This specialist anchor features fixed claws and articulating claws, which deliver stability and assist in the setting of the anchor.

It also features a dual rail shank and sliding shackle and is self-burying and poses no obstruction on the sea bed.

How it benefits you – The anchor allows the user to be more time efficient and cost effective when accuracy and completion time is critical.


Photo credit - Divemex


RM Group - Bulk Bagging

What is it? RM Group’s bespoke bulk bagging systems, machinery, stations ans equipment with integrated weighing for accurate bulk bagging.

How it benefits you – The system is hugely beneficial to businesses in the building and agricultural industry as it is designed to accept various products, allowing users more flexibility to utilise the system to bag a broader range of materials. The system features channelled arms on the bag filling frame which are designed to accept four looped bulk bags. Once filled the bag can be removed with ease by using a fork lift truck.


Photo credit – RM Group


3D visualisation and augmented reality for surgery

What is is? 3D technology which allows surgeons to keep their heads and necks upright, to avoid discomfort and vision clear in order to carry out highly-intricate procedures more effectively. Through the technology they are immersed in a high-resolution, 3-D visual representation of their subject. Hospitals will be using these hi-tech tools this year.

How it benefits you – the improved visual and comfort aspects for the surgeon could lead to a more effective and efficient procedure being carried out overall.


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