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Less is More with the launch of Wynne Jones IP’s streamlined Intellectual Property renewals service

Businesses looking to renew their intellectual property are benefiting from a “significantly streamlined” service thanks to Wynne Jones IP. The intellectual property firm has launched its improved service, aimed at making the IP renewals process more cost effective, transparent, and efficient. Launched on October 2, this new service includes several key features:


IP Auto-Renew

Previously, clients would have contacted their intellectual property renewals co-ordinator as the deadline approached to instruct renewal of their IP rights. However, this new feature will ensure intellectual property rights are automatically renewed two months ahead of the deadline meaning less risk and less admin required by the client.


Improved Budget Management

Clients will now be invoiced in arrears with no upfront costs (unless specifically requested) to enable them to manage their budgets more effectively. Clients can also receive renewal cost estimates for the product’s lifecycle to assist in strategic business planning.


IP Fees

Wynne Jones IP has also reduced costs and fees in a bid to become more cost effective with discounts available based on the volume of renewals in a 12 month period.



Clients will now see an easy to read and user-friendly IP renewals report and what’s more, clients will only receive one renewal reminder from us four months ahead of the deadline.


Administration Charges

For the first time, Wynne Jones IP has also introduced a set of additional administrative charges.

These administration charges will apply if clients require additional administration support outside of the standard IP renewals process. This is a much fairer way of providing the service and is a small price to pay that saves clients a lot of time and effort.


Wynne Jones IP senior marketing executive Amy Kasprzyca said the new system was “already benefiting” clients. She said: “We are delighted to be introducing our new streamlined renewals service, which we think will meet the evolving needs of our diverse client base. While our renewals offering has proved to be extremely popular over the years, we have listened to our clients’ feedback to create a more efficient and effective service tailored to their daily requirements. This improved offering provides a hassle-free service to support our clients through the renewals process to ensure they get the best value for their intellectual property protection.”

For more on Wynne Jones IP’s new intellectual property renewals service visit our renewals page


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