Wynne-Jones IP appoints team of STEM ambassadors

Wynne-Jones IP appoints team of STEM ambassadors

Skills shortages, gender imbalance, and Brexit are just some the phrases frequently bandied around when talking about STEM careers.

STEM, or Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, jobs are regarded among the most highly skilled and essential to continued economic development in the UK.

Yet, a lack of graduate interest in pursuing STEM careers, combined with a shortage of female students taking up these roles, could lead to an eventual skills shortage across the country.

However, here at Wynne Jones IP we are attempting to buck this concerning trend by championing STEM opportunities across our organisation and our industry.

Four of our talented and enthusiastic team members, across both our Cardiff and Cheltenham offices, have become STEM ambassadors to offer time to help bring STEM subjects to life and demonstrate the value of them in life and careers.

As part of their roles they will encourage others across Wynne Jones IP to learn more about STEM and the STEM network, work with external organisations to raise awareness of opportunities and aim to raise awareness of STEM opportunities amongst young people. Find out more about our inspiring Stem ambassadors here …


Grace Mason Jarrett

Grace Mason-Jarrett is a senior trainee patent attorney.

After studying physics and maths at A Level, Grace went onto study for a BSc degree in Physics with Astronomy at the University of Southampton.

During her time at University she was involved with Physics Outreach, helping to promote physics and astronomy in schools across Hampshire.

Alongside her job as a senior trainee patent attorney, she visits schools, after school clubs and community groups to present workshops and talks on STEM topics, which support the curriculum.

On her STEM role she said: “Studying STEM subjects at school and university offers you so many opportunities in your career and not necessarily directly within the STEM sector. I used my Physics degree to help me break into the legal sector.

“I now use my degree to help ensure business’s inventions are protected in the marketplace. I assist the firm in all patent matters and handle a range of technologies from physics and mechanical related inventions to computer software.

“IP is a great career for me as I’m able to combine my scientific background with the commercial side of technology.

“I really wanted to become a STEM ambassador. The idea with the STEM Network is to bring industry experience into the classroom to inspire the next generation to go on to study STEM subjects and hopefully pursue careers related to STEM.”


Tasha Collins

Tasha Collins is a trainee patent attorney.

Tasha obtained a masters inMechanical Engineering from the University of Bath before joining Wynne Jones IP.

She is currently a member of our successful training academy and is training under Danny Butler.  Alongside this she is also working towards her UK Foundation exams.

On her new STEM ambassador role she said: “As someone who has been extremely proud to be given the opportunity to work in the STEM sector in the South West, I am delighted to be able to support others who are also searching for a fulfilling STEM career.

“Through my new role I hope to share the knowledge and skills I’ve acquired to inform others about highly rewarding STEM-based opportunities.

“I’m really excited about working to inspire the next generation of STEM professionals.”


Christine Schiavone

Christina is a senior trainee patent attorney.

She has a BSc honours degree in Geology an Petroleum Geology, a BSc in Physics, and a postgraduate certificate in IP from Bournemouth University.

Her career has seen her work across a diverse number of sectors covering everything from large multinational companies, through to SME’s and individual inventors.

She also has expertise across a wide range of technical fields including mechanical engineering, physics, medical devices, renewable energy, and oil & gas related technology.

Christina has worked closely with clients to draft, file, and prosecute patent applications in the UK, Europe and further afield.  She also has experience with post-grant litigation at the EPO. Christina is currently training under Danny Butler in the Wynne-Jones Training Academy. 

On her STEM role she said: “I think initiatives such as this are so important in raising awareness of STEM among young people across the country.

“Engaging with passionate students who are inquisitive about what opportunities are available to them, is something I’m sure will not only be incredibly informative for them, but could help to strengthen growth and talent within the STEM industry in years to come.”


Edward Thien

Edward is a European patent attorney and a UK Chartered Patent Attorney.

Before joining us he achieved a post graduate certificate in intellectual property law at Queen Mary University of London and a masters in engineering at the University of Cambridge.

Edward has handled patent applications in a wide variety of technological areas including medical devices, mass spectrometry, automotive, printers, projectors, semiconductors and materials.

He trained at a large firm in London before joining Wynne Jones IP last year.

Edward completed his technical training through the Wynne-Jones Training Academy and will continue his commercial training under his mentor Danny Butler. 

On his new role he said: “It is a privilege to be working with this initiative to promote the fantastic STEM opportunities available to young people.

“By educating and informing them at a young  age, we can ensure that a generation of young people receives the vital knowledge they need to make a well-rounded decision about their future careers.

“STEM roles are incredibly rewarding and versatile, extending into a diverse rage of sectors with limitless potential.

“Through this role I hope to help inspire young people so that they can achieve the same level of career satisfaction that I have been afforded.”










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