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Celebrating LGBTQ+ in STEM


Inclusivity in intellectual property has been a prominent theme for the team at Wynne Jones this year. We have been working closely with IP Inclusive to promote greater diversity and inclusivity throughout, not just our firm, but the profession as a whole. And today we celebrate another vital milestone the very first annual LGBTSTEM Day, which highlights the invaluable contribution of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender folk in STEM.

From 11am STEM professions globally will be uniting online and on social media to share the #LGBTStemDay.

The initiative has been launched by charitable trust Pride in STEM as LGBTQ+ people in the STEM community can often struggle to be themselves as STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) have been traditionally thought of as masculine fields and this can be quite intimidating for those just starting out in the field or those that don't fit this traditional mold. However Pride in STEM is championing diversity in STEM and want to ensure that people from all walks of life enter the profession.   

Head over to  and check out the profiles of LGBTQ+ folk in STEM. 


Here at Wynne Jones IP we have worked tirelessly with IP Inclusive to promote diversity, and encourage positive mental health in the workplace over the past few years.

We recognise that being able to feel comfortable, confident and supported within your work environemnt is essential to encouraging personal development and building a strong workforce. For advice and support on LGBTQ+ in STEM professions you can visit or read more at

IP Inclusive is also on hand to offer support and guidance to professionals in the IP community, for more information visit

Initiatives like this are so important in raising awareness of diversity. Many feel unable to discuss their sexuality openly for a variety of reasons, which could adversely impact the profession and lead to the STEM profession losing some of our most invaluable talent. Historic figures such as Alan Turing and Sally Ride are pioneers within STEM and we must protect their incredible legacy by continuously striving to make the profession more progressive and inclusive. We feel this initiative is a vital stepping stone in achieving greater diversity in STEM and we look forward to celebrating this today.



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