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Wynne-Jones IP launches toolkit for SMEs and entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs, SMEs and start-ups can now access a “one-stop shop” of business advice thanks to a new online toolkit from Wynne-Jones IP.

The intellectual property firm has launched its Pioneer’s Toolkit, which aims to support businesses across all sectors in strengthening and protecting their brands by offering expert industry advice.

Through the online resource business owners can access information on areas including finance, branding and marketing, intellectual property, product development, research, tax credits and legal support.

Available through Wynne Jones IP’s website, the toolkit provides access to support from the firm’s team of intellectual property experts alongside guest blogs from a range of industry specialists.

Vicki Strachan, Partner at Wynne-Jones IP said the online resource will be “invaluable” to businesses of all sizes, and will draw on the expertise of the firm’s innovative network of experience, expertise and knowledge across the UK.

Ms Strachan said: “Over the years we have supported business across a vast range of sectors from medical researchers, to toy manufacturers, and even classic car companies, providing them with bespoke advice which has supported their business growth.

“Thanks to the rich diversity of our clients, we have acquired a range of specialist knowledge and believe we truly understand what businesses require in order to launch, develop and ultimately flourish.

“As a result, we decided to share our experience and expertise by setting up this invaluable online resource.

“The Pioneer’s Toolkit will act as a one-stop shop for SMEs, start-ups, and entrepreneurs, encompassing all the fundamental areas we believe businesses require support and advice in.

“Through this resource we aim to create a community of informed and supportive businesses, who not only work side by side, but ultimately strengthen each other to develop and grow.”


To find out more about the Pioneer’s Toolkit, click here


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