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Wynne-Jones Trainees are delighted with CIPA Informals Honorary Secretary and Regional Secretary Roles


Matthew Veale, who is based at the firm’s Cardiff office, will be assuming the role of Honorary Secretary for CIPA Informals, an association of the Student Members of the Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys (CIPA) for the upcoming year. Previously, Matthew was representing CIPA Informals for the South West and Wales. It is notable that a good number of past Informals’ Honorary Secretaries go on to serve on the CIPA Council and several as President. In his role as CIPA Informals Honorary Secretary, Matthew will be: liaising with CIPA/the PEB/students/mentors and others involved with training UK patent attorneys; attending events on behalf of the Informals and raising awareness inside and outside the profession; overseeing the day-to-day running of the committee ensuring information is distributed to CIPA Student members; and generally acting as a main point of contact on behalf of the committee and UK trainees in general.

Ozgur Aydin who is also based at the firm’s Cardiff office, will be taking on the role of Informals Regional Secretary South West and Wales, he will be organizing workshops and social events for trainee attorneys in the region, and acting as a point of contact for CIPA.

Speaking on their appointments, Matthew said 'I am thrilled to be appointed as the Honorary Secretary for CIPA Informals and I'm looking forward to the year ahead'.

Ozgur added 'I cannot wait to get started in my role as CIPA Informals Regional Secretary, it is a great opportunity and have some ideas for workshops and social events that I cannot wait to share with the CIPA Student members'. 


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