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Wynne-Jones IP Officially Opens Its New Head Quarters

Wynne-Jones IP has officially opened the doors of its new headquarters at Gloucester Business Park by welcoming more than 80 guests to a lavish drinks reception at the new premises.

The party enjoyed a tasty selection of Canapes, provided and served by local company CaterCater, and were thrilled to be entertained by former Royal Harpist, Jemima Philips who played covers of everything from Pompeii by Bastille and the Game of Thrones theme tune to Skyfall by Adele and a Thousand Years by Christina Perri on her electric harp.

Company Directors Dr Ian Lambert and Victor Caddy thanked all the guests for coming and provided a timely reminder of the Wynne-Jones journey.

Founded in 1964, the firm started life in Cheltenham as the one-man practice of John Wynne-Jones who had previously worked as a patent attorney at other UK IP firms as well as in Chicago, USA. The firm continued life as many traditional IP firms do and established itself with a reliable reputation within intellectual property. Fast forward a few years to 2008 when Victor Caddy and Dr Ian Lambert were appointed as Partners in the then Wynne-Jones, Laine and James Partnership and the unusual step of becoming a Limited Company started bleeping on the perimeter of the radar.  

It wasn’t long before, in 2010 Wynne-Jones founded AIPEX together with three other IP firms from the Netherlands, Germany and France securing a foothold in Europe. At the time none of the founding firms of AIPEX could’ve guessed that the UK would hold a referendum on leaving the EU, the result of which would be Brexit but the unique infrastructure of AIPEX provided a ready-made solution to the problems faced by the UK/EU divorce.

Good business decisions didn’t stop with AIPEX and Dr Jayne Nation was appointed to head up the firm’s business development and she brought with her a commercial prowess that is rarely seen within intellectual property. Over the following years offices were opened in Telford, Cardiff and London and the strong brand identity that Wynne-Jones is now recognised for was created.

The move to Valiant Court at Gloucester Business Park is the most recent step in a story of growth and evolution that has become super-charged over recent years and with double-digital growth Wynne-Jones was recently identified by the Plimsoll Analysis as the fastest growing IP firm in the UK*.

Reflecting on the leaps that have been made over the past years Dr Jayne Nation said “A new era begins for Wynne-Jones. We have been assembling our dream team for several years and I’m thrilled to say that we have now achieved it. We may be celebrating our new office today but it’s our people who make the company. I’m in awe of how fantastic they all are. Very well done team, it’s a privilege to work with you”.


*Named before Wynne-Jones IP was  Envoy but this is a specialist administration services software company not a firm of patent and trade mark attorneys


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