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Wynne-Jones IP raises profile of Mental Health Awareness with a week of wellbeing activities

The programme began with Salsa Dancing lessons, delivered by Wynne-Jones’s very own Ozgur Aydin, trainee Patent Attorney, who provided an energetic and fun-filled lesson to his colleagues. Dancing has been proven to improve brain function and both physical and mental wellbeing, so it was a fitting way to begin the week’s activities.

Tuesday saw the team engaged in some healthy competition with a bake off - a sweet-treat to reward the calories burnt during Monday’s dance lesson.

On Wednesday, bestselling author and Evening Standard columnist, Charlotte Reed visited the team and held a ‘fireside chat’ sharing her own experience with mental health. Those who joined her were provided with a safe and open environment to share their own stories.

Thursday focussed on encouraging a healthy lifestyle. Aaron Schiavone, a fitness guru who specialises in helping people to use a healthy lifestyle as a tool to address depression and anxiety, came along to spend some time with the team. Aaron gave a talk about the links between depression, anxiety, fitness and nutrition and then invited everyone to take part in an exercise class.

The week was then rounded off with some well-deserved Friday relaxation. Every member of the team was able to have a 20-minute massage and as part of Wynne-Jones’s employment package, every month the team are offered a massage to unwind.

Wynne-Jones are making a real effort to ensure their staff are happy and healthy and on top of the monthly massage each member of the team get’s six counselling sessions and a fresh fruit bowl each week.

In addition, their Charity, Social and Wellbeing Committee organise regular events and drive initiatives to promote the value of taking care of your mental and physical health.

Commercial Director and practising Psychotherapist Dr Jayne Nation said, “At Wynne-Jones we take the care of our staff’s mental and physical wellbeing seriously and believe it is our duty to create a healthy and happy working environment for them. The events that took place during Mental Health Awareness Week were fantastic and an opportunity to learn a lot about not only ourselves but also each other.

“We will continue to push this initiative throughout the company and implement programmes that will benefit our staff in all aspects of their lives for the long term.”


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