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Morgan Motors Case Study

Morgan Motor Company originally thought their most important asset was their range of hand built sports cars, after working Wynne-Jones, they realised their most important asset was their brand.

The Morgan Motor Company are arguably one the most striking sports car manufacturers around, with celebrity fans such as Jay Leno and James May to car enthusiasts the world over.

For Morgan, partnering with Wynne-Jones presented an opportunity to not only tap into the wealth of historic IP, but also to protect future interests, such as a planned entry into the electric car market.

Wynne-Jones delivered an in-depth audit through regular meetings to ensure that Morgan's interests were always properly represented, and the senior leadership team at Morgan were thrilled with the results.

You can watch a short video case study here:

Morgan is an excellent example of how vigilant IP management is crucial, especially during times of uncertainty such as the current UK-wide lockdown. As part of a solid risk management plan you need to identify your IP assets and assess whether they are business critical. Being business critical means that the IP assets are essential to the delivery of your business goals once the COVID-19 crisis is over, and perhaps even during the crisis.

In-depth audits like the work provided for Morgan are the best way to identify, mitigate and maximise these areas in your IP portfolio - allowing you to move forward with assured certainty in uncertain times.


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