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Wynne-Jones IP supports Mental Health Awareness Week

Wynne- Jones IP are proud to support Mental Health Awareness Week which takes place from Monday 10th May to Sunday 16th May 2021.

The Coronavirus pandemic has created new global challenges with many people suffering from increased stress and anxiety. Wynne-Jones IP are making a real effort to ensure staff feel supported and making both physical and mental wellness a priority.

This week, staff are being encouraged to be mindful about mental health and wellbeing and each day will be sent a video to watch at their own leisure. One of the videos, by Aaron Schiavone, a fitness guru who specialises in helping people use a healthy lifestyle as a tool to address depression and anxiety talks about the affects of lockdown life and how fitness and nutrition can help reduce stress and improve mental wellbeing.

The videos are around 40 minutes long and the recording from Johnathan’s Voice tackles the issue of mental health in the work place and encourages discussion in an effort to remove the taboo surrounding mental illness. Despite an undeniable increase in awareness surrounding mental health problems many people still struggle to open up about their internal battles. While some may still feel reluctant to speak out it is widely recognised that mental unwellness affects millions globally, with one in four people said to suffer with some form of this every year.

Over the past year, the pandemic and restrictions on free movement and social interactions have created a whole host of challenges for millions of people across the UK and worldwide. Many people feel a loss of control in their lives, others are worried about job security and loneliness has become a hidden epidemic. Additionally, as lockdown restrictions lift people are beginning to worry about returning to the workplace and health anxiety is on the increase.

Wynne-Jones want to ensure their team have the tools they need to manage transitions in social restrictions in a way that will minimise the impact on their mental state. Staff have been consulted regularly throughout the pandemic and many have arranged for permanent changes to their working landscape, with some opting to remain working from home and others choosing an office/homeworking hybrid.

To mark Mental Health Awareness Week, staff are also being encouraged to take an extra hour break this Friday to get away from their desks and take a walk. Commercial Director and practising Psychotherapist Dr Jayne Nation said “At a time when most people are working from home we know that many of us are struggling to get out of the house. Walking not only provides a change of scenery and physical benefits but also helps to improve mood and provide a better sense of wellbeing. This Friday, we’re giving all our team and extra hour to take some time for themselves and their mental wellness”.


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