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Wynne-Jones IP remains committed to inclusivity in the workplace

For National Inclusion Week 2021 Wynne-Jones IP reminds us of their pledge of commitment to equality and diversity in the workplace and looks at how the Covid-19 has meant more workplace challenges.

National Inclusion Week 2021 takes place from Monday 27th September to 3rd October and aims to celebrate and promote inclusion in all its forms. Wynne-Jones IP is one of few IP firms that publish their Diversity Report and statistics. Policies, processes, and practices ensure that from recruitment to retirement team members are selected on the merits and capabilities regardless of race, gender, religion, sex, sexuality or disability. Staff are provided with access to training and personal development support to grow within their career.  With the growing pressures employees face juggling a healthy work life balance, flexible and flexitime working also help to make Wynne-Jones an accessible employer.

Recently, a 2019 ADP report found that UK workers suffer the highest rates of workplace discrimination with young people particularly affected. The ADP report was published before the pandemic and Covid-19 brought with it a whole host of challenges for both employers and employees; one of which are the effects of the draconian lockdown on mental health. The 2019 report found that more than a quarter of employees believe that their employers are not interested in their mental wellbeing and nearly one in three wouldn’t feel comfortable disclosing a mental health issue at work.

HR & Operations Director Fiona Watkins said that Wynne-Jones IP have been very aware of how the pandemic has created new challenges and anxieties for people “we were very fortunate as a business that when the government announced the work from home order we were able to mobilise both quickly and effectively. We had already enabled our team to work from home when they needed to some years ago and so we managed to respond without business interruption. The challenge we now face is the balance of home working and the effect this can have on mental health. We know that many people feel anxious about returning to the office, particularly with cases rising again but we’re also finding that people can feel isolated and miss the social interaction of the office.

Our employees are the engine of our business and as an inclusive employer we are committed to policies and practices that encourage equality and diversity and eradicate discrimination. We encourage our team to reach out and talk to us through an open-door policy and remain committed to the wellbeing of our staff whether they’re at home or in the office.   Of course, it’s one thing listening but we also proactively respond to concerns and do what we can to positively address matters and find solutions.”

Wynne-Jones IP is a founder signatory of the IP Inclusive Charter and actively works toward an inclusive approach within the IP sector.


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