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Proud sponsors of the Malvern Festival of Innovation

Following the launch of our new Malvern office at Bloom Space, Wynne-Jones IP are delighted to sponsor the Malvern Festival of Innovation 2022.

The festival, now in its eleventh year, hosts an array of events that bring together a mix of themes and cutting-edge thinking. On Tuesday 4th October the festival kicks off with Climate Emergency, a session that will tackle this serious and growing issue. Martin Hyden will join the panel as Wynne-Jones IP’s sustainability expert and be able to offer insights on how innovating for sustainability can generate new intellectual property assets, and potentially revenue streams for businesses. Read Martin’s recent article; Intellectual Property, Return on Investment and Sustainability here.

On Thursday 6th October HR Manger Lucy Gabb will be joining Commercial Director Dr Jayne Nation in the school’s session for Tech Day. Final year GCSE and A-Level students will be able to explore careers in STEM subjects and meet businesses and organisations from around Malvern. Named as an inventor in five patents, some of which relate to popular household names such as CIF and Domestos, Jayne will be speaking to students about her experience both at the bench and in professional services.

The Wynne-Jones IP team will also be attending other events, including the Festival Dinner at Malvern College and will be on-hand to answer any IP questions you may have. A digital copy of our Little Book of IP will be available for all attendees, and for entrepreneurs we offer a unique service, The Pioneer’s Platform, that enables you to file your first patent application at an affordable cost.


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