Julia Vierzen



Three things you didn't know about Julia:

  • Julia was raised on a dairy farm and enjoys volunteering for an agricultural charity in Yorkshire as a caseworker. 
  • She loves country walks, particularly those ending in a brew with a view. 
  • Julia is somewhat of a bibliophile, including having a fondness for British murder mysteries. 



Julia started her paralegal career at Burton Snowboards, in Vermont, US, where she was responsible for liaising with outside counsels in regards to Burton’s intellectual property portfolios as well as coordinating Burton’s risk management.

After taking a break to obtain a Master’s degree in a completely different field in Scotland, Julia resumed her intellectual property paralegal career in Boston, Massachusetts, US, including working for two Biglaws for 13 years. Julia then joined a virtual IP boutique firm and moved countries twice before landing at Wynne-Jones.



  • BA, Geography
  • MSc Library and Information Studies 
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